Premium Buyer/Tenant Service

Schacker Premium is the choice for clients who understand their interests are best served working with a qualified single source broker dedicated to representing them.


When you allow multiple rival brokers to show you commercial properties on Long Island, their interests and yours are generally not aligned and as a result, their objectivity is often compromised and their advice biased; they can only earn a commission if you acquire one of the properties they show you. These brokers often have a relationship with the Landlord or Seller that you are negotiating against. In such cases, these brokers have no fiduciary responsibility to you and are generally not negotiating to get you the best deal like a Schacker Premium broker would. In certain circumstances, these brokers may even use confidential information learned while working with you to sabotage your pursuit of a property that they didn’t show you.

Choosing our Premium  service is a superior approach that offers several important advantages:


We become part of your real estate team: a trusted and valuable advisor offering ideas, answering questions, raising concerns and providing solutions. We don’t make decisions for you; we help you make the right decisions. We are loyal to you.


Because we are compensated on any transaction that you enter into, the interests of Schacker and our Premium clients are aligned, ensuring our objectivity is not compromised. Our goal is to earn and maintain your confidence and trust for the long-term, not for just a single transaction.


We tour your existing offices, warehouse, manufacturing, or other commercial facilities and meet with management to thoroughly understand your requirements and objectives. Properties submitted to you are carefully screened and researched to ensure they are suitable.


Our Premium exclusive relationship allows us to provide a higher level of service to you. We dedicate more time to your account. We’ll scour the market for properties that aren’t even listed, pursue economic incentives, connect and assist you in working with a team of service providers, and offer five decades of experience to help complete your real estate projects more efficiently. Our market knowledge and contacts provide a safeguard against pitfalls and minimize mistakes.


Schacker Premium service comes at no cost to you. We need only your commitment to work with us exclusively.

Call Schacker Realty at 631-293-3700 to learn more about our Premium  service for leasing or buying industrial or commercial space on Long Island.