Commercial and Industrial Lease Renewal Services

Commercial and industrial landlords are real estate professionals that are intimately aware of market conditions, pricing and the finer points of the lease extension and modification negotiating process.  Tenants are focused on their own business and are generally less knowledgeable with respect to the Long Island commercial real estate market than the professional landlord that they will be negotiating a lease extension with.  This puts the tenant at a disadvantage in the negotiation.

By hiring Schacker as your tenant agent, you level the playing field.  Schacker will represent you in a fiduciary capacity to help evaluate and address your concerns, ask questions that you may not have considered, provide you with up-to-date market information, make recommendations, draft and respond to proposals, provide information and suggestions to your legal counsel, and assist you in negotiating and completing the transaction.

Despite having a loyalty to the tenant, your tenant rep’s brokerage fee is typically paid for by the landlord and there is generally no cost to the tenant. In the infrequent case that our brokerage fee is to be paid by the tenant, it would be specified in advance in a written agreement signed by both you and Schacker.

Most large and mid-size companies utilize a tenant representative for the reasons stated above.  Contact Schacker for a detailed evaluation and presentation.


“I can’t express how pleased I was with the way Schacker Realty and Phil Shwom worked out our company’s lease renewal. We have been in our location for almost 18 years and have a great relationship with our landlord but could not have negotiated the agreement as well as they did. To negotiate with a commercial landlord once every 5-7 years is not our expertise. Phil was able to negotiate terms and conditions that we would not even have considered. In the end, we extended and modified our lease with terms that provided more stability and greater savings then I believe we could have negotiated directly. Phil treated us like it was “our” business. I strongly recommend Phil Shwom and Schacker Realty to negotiate your lease renewal. Please feel free to call me for more information.”
Larry Hirscheimer
Vice President, Miss Chocolate Fundraising


“I’ve been working with Schacker Realty for over 20 years now. Their understanding, knowledge and experience helped us to find the right office space. They were instrumental in executing during the entire process and together we developed long term strategies for future growth and maintenance. The Schacker team took care of many of the tasks that had to be dealt with and made the process much easier for us. Since then we have expanded and extended our lease twice and used Schacker to represent us in both cases. Schacker is truly our advocate and we rely on their expertise and guidance in negotiating with our professional Landlord. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new space or to modify and extend their existing lease.”
Amedeo Dino Sgueglia
Founder & Chairman, CurvePay