New or experienced brokers, aspiring brokers and graduating college students… join our team!

A commercial real estate broker services the needs of corporate, professional, and institutional space users seeking to relocate their operations, and owners or tenants interested in selling, leasing, or subleasing their vacant and surplus properties.

Our role is multifaceted.  In the case of a search for space, we assist customers in locating, evaluating, and negotiating to acquire property. Once terms are agreed upon, we assist in facilitating the successful conclusion of the transaction. This process may include bringing in a team of professionals in required fields of expertise, helping to evaluate and secure financing, obtaining economic benefits, assisting legal counsel to negotiate contracts or leases, providing counsel regarding environmental decision making, assisting with zoning, permitting, and construction related items, and a myriad of other services required to assist our clients and customers throughout the process.

Brokers and salespeople are paid commissions calculated on completed transactions.  An agent’s income is directly related to their own production in this challenging, interesting, exciting and financially rewarding career.

Schacker provides comprehensive, hands-on training, support, and tools for new talent to successfully learn and grow, and our training staff includes NYS Licensed Real Estate Instructors.

“I have found Schacker Realty’s in-house training for new commercial agents to be exceptional. I was welcomed with expert knowledge sessions conducted by seasoned brokers, as well as comprehensive training materials and, best of all, daily, hands-on exposure to all aspects of the industry right from the start. During my first few weeks at Schacker, I was given plenty of time and flexibility to complete the NYS licensing course and as a matter of fact, by the time we got to the “commercial real estate” segment, I felt as though I was more comfortable with the subject than the teacher! In a short time, I’ve already completed several industrial leasing transactions and am looking forward to a long and rewarding career with Schacker Realty.”  


José Torres
Account Executive

Experienced agents

Schacker offers a superior platform for an experienced agent to help maximize their productivity and earning potential.  We offer state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology, comprehensive marketing and presentation programs, superior information databases (listings, companies, properties, and professional contacts) and the wisdom and talent of some of the most experienced and successful brokers in the industry.

Ideal Location

Schacker’s office is strategically located on the Nassau/Suffolk border on the Long Island Expressway Service Road. This location was selected to optimize highway access and service both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our Class A office building is equipped with a cafeteria, fitness center, racquetball courts, and a conference center.

Schacker Realty offers a friendly, supportive, and collaborative work environment, with a commitment to equal opportunity and growing our team’s strength through diversity.

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